A Journal

Location: Stanford, California, United States

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tony and I had another one of our little talks again, the ones that revolve around our respective love lives. He brought up the fact that he had recently read my xanga, and so I was reminded to update my new and improved blog. Not quite that new anymore, and the writing probably not that improved. In fact, I'm pretty sure my grammar and spelling have already gone down the toilet. I'm surprised that words are actually forming under my fingertips.

Ah, so update on this year.

Junior year man!


I really enjoy being in Lantana again this year because I'm close to the kids in Kimball and because the people here are so cool. I slightly regret having applied to be an RA though. This feeling started in the back of bag of emotions before this quarter even started, when I read that sudden and horrible email that David sent me. Ever since then, this fetid little sucker has started decomposing and sending out its stinky little fingers, permeating my emotions and existence as an RA this quarter. Without David here, I don't have fun as an RA anymore. Without David here, I find myself wanting to connect with my residents on a deeper level because I do not have the emotional support anymore. I wish my responsibilities as an RA did not make people see me in a different light and put me in a little glass box in the corner. I want to connect and make friends in Lantana, just like I did last year. Don't just wave and say hi, be my friend dammit. I'm just really glad that I have Justin by my side. For some reason, I feel like we're family now...something close to a best friend just by the measure of the number of hours I hang out with him everyday.

On a happier note, I'm glad that the whole MCAT issue is over for the next few weeks. Now, I can concentrating on skipping class and having fun, instead of skipping class and studying! Bwahahaha. After MCATs last Saturday, I imbibed in a way I had never before. I expanded both my repertoire of drinks and amount of alcohol downed by two fold! After walking back from the Row (b/c Helen forgot her ID), I then went and proceeded to terrorize my residents and increase the number of guys & gals that I have kissed by three fold! A great night, I have to say. I wonder what they think of me now. Am I still an RA that is inaccessible? I think not!

I wonder, shall I talk about my current interest? I haven't typed about any boy aside from Andrew for the last three (at LEAST) years of my life. Boy this feels funny. I am finally free from him! Thank the lord! And who knew that it's even possible for me to like another person. I'm not so sure though. I know I'm physically attracted to him. I like hanging out with him. Is there anything else there though? Time will tell.

Time for midterm studying!