A Journal

Location: Stanford, California, United States

Friday, December 08, 2006

Sometimes I wish I had a single. Sometimes I wish you wouldn't resent me with your silences and your caustic comments.

I know it's hard not having your love around. I know it's been hard on you this quarter, and my heart breaks to see you like this...but he'll be back soon. Open your heart, open your mind to new experiences and people. Let them see what a great person you are. Let them fall in love with you as I did last year.

I miss you. I hope you return next quarter.

Sometimes I wish I were at UT.

A completely selfish notion, I know. I've lost my best friend. No, more, I've lost part of myself. I give you my heart, but you don't give a damn. I know, you were the one to break up with me, so I need to be the one to move on. But I can't help thinking of you. And I can't help thinking I will never be happy ever again.

I want to see a point to living again.

Is there a way to turn back time?
Forget all my yesterdays, till it all seems alright.