A Journal

Location: Stanford, California, United States

Monday, May 08, 2006

Your arms are my castle,
Your heart is my sky.
They wipe away tears that I've cried
The good and the bad times,
We've been through them all.
You make me rise when I fall..

'Cause every time we touch,
I get this feeling
And every time we kiss,
I swear I can fly
Can't you feel my heart beat fast,
I want this to last,
Need you by my side
'Cause every time we touch,
I feel the static,
And every time we kiss,
I reach for the sky,
Can't you hear my heart beat slow,
I can't let you go,
I Want you in my life.

You are all I think about. Every sunny day brings me closer to seeing you again, and everything I see day to day just reminds me of you--with all the possibilities they seem to hold when you will get here. My heart aches with its longing. Sixteen days.

I love you!